Why Register?

  • Unfortunately, as the Internet has evolved there are legitimate users as opposed to others who want to exploit legitimate users.  This includes gaining access to specialized lists, photographs, writing and other "creative"works. Registration with its email confirmation aid in preventing fraudulent access.
  • Additionally, when many users share a common environment such as this web site and its related list-server, we become the target for spam and related unwanted mass postings.  This has forced us to have to "moderate" the list-server site EACH AND EVERY DAY.  Imagine the amount of time that has been wasted because greedy people want access to your browser or inbox!
  • These and related reasons are why we have created a registration process.  The email confirmation used by this site is a big first step toward preventing illegitimate access.
  • You have control over whether you want to share any information with others in the group.

Here's How To Register.......

  1. Click the register link at the bottom of the "Login! Register!" area.
  2. Complete the fields in the Registration form. There are 9 required fields.
  • One of our major goals is to help members communicate with each other. We have included information fields about boats, locations and phone numbers that we hope you will choose to share with other members. Our policy is to only share your information with other registered members. We DO NOT distribute information to vendors, list collectors or others.
  1. When you have completed the Registration form, click the "Register" button at the bottom of the page.
  2. An email will be sent to the email address you supplied.
  3. Open the email and either click the link contained in it or cut and paste the link into your browser's address field.
  4. Once you have replied via email a moderator will complete your registration by approving your registration.
  5. Note: You are registered only after you successfully navigate the link emailed to you, back to the WBS site and your registration is approved.