Wire-to-rope hailyard

1 year 1 month ago #3161 by Jim phillips
Wire-to-rope hailyard was created by Jim phillips
Spent all day up the mast, using a messenger, bike chain on 1/4 line.

To all here are the measurements for the main mast height
Main mast height

Deck to spreader 24’ 8”
Mast to deck 48’ 7
Mast to top of equipment 49’ 4”
Cabin top to deck 24” or 2 feet (we added the amount for the mast base riser.
Deck to waterline 52” 4’3

Total mast height 55’ 7”

All rigging is now up, except the Genoa halyard, (furler) Our Whitby has three sheaves facing the bow and three facing the stern. They are aluminum and the two rope sheaves facing the bow are oxidized and do not turn. The center is for wire and turns well, so for the transit to VA to get her on the hard I will have to use a wire-to-rope hailyard.

Anyone know the size wire and rope and the length?
Also on all of our other boats the halyard had a fairlead to avoid a halyard wrap, is this not an issue with a Whitby? The thought of hanging out at the top of the mast all day again...

Thank all!

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1 year 1 month ago #3165 by Jean Marcotte
Replied by Jean Marcotte on topic Wire-to-rope hailyard
Something wrong with the measurements. Top mast to bridge = 48,7 po. Deck including collar =. 24 po total mast height 55,7 po. So total mast height - ( top mast to bridge + deck including collar) = cabin height without floor 55,7 - (48,7 + 2) = 55,7 - 50,7 = 5 ft and that doesn’t take into account the portion of the mast under the floor. There must be something I did not understood in your measurements. Am I wrong?

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