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2 years 6 months ago #2757 by Teska Moreau
Whitby 55 Main Mast was created by Teska Moreau
Hello All. I am new to this site and am thinking of buying a Whitby 55 that is currently located in the British Virgin Isles. She has a broken main mast, and I have not been able to locate any specifications on the mast. Would anyone know where I could locate a used one? If not then would anyone know the specs so that I could have a new one fabricated if I buy the boat? I have no idea what a new or used main mast would cost for this boat. I'm going to replace all the rigging as well. I plan to fly down and see her up close for myself, but the more I can find out now from someone in the know, the better prepared I will be to negotiate or not. If anyone is interested in looking up the boat it is listed on yachtworld.com and boatshed.com. Just type in Whitby 55. Also if you type in Whitby 55 on you tube there is a short clip there as well. She's gonna be a lot of work but as an ex-merchant mariner and licensed engineer, I can handle the repairs, except for the mast and a new bottom job. Thanks for any help, or advise, anyone can provide.

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2 years 7 months ago #2759 by Peter Garsoe
Replied by Peter Garsoe on topic Whitby 55 Main Mast
i have 65' hood roller furling mast excellent condition from my brewer 12.8 that has been in storage for most of it's life...
located in maine... all the fittings are on and one set of spreaders...
i believe yours is 69' ... but keel stepped could add on 4' to the bottom not much trouble..
i can send pictures if you like... give me an address..peter

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2 years 6 months ago #2761 by Teska Moreau
Replied by Teska Moreau on topic Whitby 55 Main Mast
Thanks for responding, I was wondering about the cross sectional dimensions of the mast as well, such as width, depth, wall thickness and such. Seems a 55 would have to have a somewhat stronger mast than a 12.8. I do know that the main sail area on the 55 is 1,360 sq.ft. Isn't the 12.8 main sail area 875 sq.ft.?

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2 years 6 months ago #2762 by Gordon & Suzanne Krull
Replied by Gordon & Suzanne Krull on topic Whitby 55 Main Mast
The 55 ft Whitby you are looking at is Ocean Wings, we owned her for9 years and ended up taking the insurance payout when Irma hit her.
We have the full specs for the mast and 3 detailed quotes for replacement. Standing Rigging on Main and Mizzen had all been replaced in 2014
We’ve been watching the listing on her and she definitely has a bunch of new mechanics onboard, but before you spend money flying down, I hope they disclosed that herhull was cracked , and she lay in the mud for 6 months and water in the crack caused a large delamination area. I believe they did a quick patch and paint, but did not address the Delamination. Also she lay so long on her side, they would not allow us into the yard, but they sent no one to cover companionways, when cover was destroyed. She had a large amount of water and subsequent mold.
Also the fuel tanks are fiberglass integrated with the hull. Both cracked and about 100 gallons of Deisel drained into the bilges and hull the crack. It was difficult to breathe inside the boat.
In addition, the shaft is most likely out for repair because the engine slide sideways off her mounts by about 4 inches. From the pics she is still not sitting right, we could walk between the engine and genny, their almost touching in the pics.

The surveyor estimated over $165,000 to fix the known damage and at that time, the fuel tank damage was not known , nor was the extent of the delamination.

Happy to share our quotes and any specsyou might be interested in , contact us if you wish at gordandsue@gmail.com

I believe she’s in a Road Town but avoid a Nanny Cay it’s the absolute worst place to get anything fixed, they all talk good, promise big and deliver nothing.
If it had simply been the mast and some lifelines, and a few cosmetics, we would still own her.

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