Hynautic K-25

4 years 3 months ago #2424 by Pat McGuire
Hynautic K-25 was created by Pat McGuire
I understand that the Teleflex HC5369 is a potential replacement for the K-25. I am slightly worried about the 9" stroke, and having to modify the mounting area.

I found a company that will manufacture a new one to specs, but said that the drawings in the manual were not technically sufficient to manufacture. The CAD drawings are proprietary and cannot be released. Does anyone have an old K-25 for purchase that I can have machined or rebuilt?

Thanks, Pat
S/V Fair Isle

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4 years 3 months ago #2427 by Debi Shaimas
Replied by Debi Shaimas on topic Hynautic K-25
You do not say what the problem is with your unit, so this may be of no use to you.

My cylinder just kept leaking, even after being rebuilt twice by professional hydraulic shops. I too researched replacement options. Considering (1) the hassle of re-engineering the mounting (2) different stroke and output force specs and, finally, (3) the cost of each potential replacement unit, I decided to have a new rod made.

Taking the cylinder apart was quite easy. Since I happened to be flying up to the U.S. anyways, I took the rod with me. Brong Machine Works in Portland, Oregon made a new rod, using the old rod for the specs. Total cost was appx $180.

You can buy a replacement seal kit from Go2Marine.com:
Item # 87436 "Seal Kit K-21 - K-29 Prior to Aug 1983" for appx $25

Somewhere it says you need a special tool to put the cylinder back together. You DO NOT. Just find a socket of the approximate size and make two notches in it so that it can fit into the required space and catch where needed. (This will become quite clear when you are doing it.)

After finally biting the bullet and just taking the darn thing apart myself, I am miffed that I bothered to take the unit into the "professionals". Twice they rebuilt it at $200+ per pop. They replaced the seals but within a short period of time the cylinder was leaking again. The real issue was what was to me an imperceptible score in the rod. So when the professional shop rebuilt the unit with new seals, the score in the rod would just damage the seals. Brong Machine Works had no problem identifying the scores.

I was also advised that the unit could be leaking from a crack caused by over-tightening of the fittings for the hoses. Having taken the unit apart, I do not see why a machine shop couldn't manufacture any of the components using the existing component for the specs.

Good luck.

Debi S.
sv Serenity
Hull #110

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