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TOPIC: Thruhulls

Thruhulls 1 year 5 months ago #2675

As we progress through our refit I am getting to the point of working on the plumbing and I have a couple of questions for everyone.

1) Do you have separate intake and outlet through hulls for each head? I plan on installing holding tanks of course, however I also want the ability to empty those tanks with a macerator pump.
2) Do you have separate holding tanks or are both heads plumbed to one single tank?
2) Do you have separate through hulls for each sink? Our Whitby had all of the sinks plumbed to one sump under the galley that pumps overboard.

I understand the reasoning in order to eliminate as many holes in the boat as possible but 80 feet of sagging smelly hose laying under the sole is asking for problems in my opinion.

If I do the math I also do not like the number of holes if everything is separate.
3 forward head and sink, 1 galley sink, 2 engine, 2 cockpit drains, 3 aft head and sink etc etc is a lot of holes below the waterline!

And on the topic of water, how many fresh water pumps do you run? Is 1 pump sufficient for the entire system?

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Thruhulls 1 year 5 months ago #2676

  • Msmolek
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On my B12.8 there is a single intake sea chest under the galley sole that provides all raw water on the boat which means long inside runs of raw water hose. The heads and galley have separate sink drain thru hulls . The black water from the heads are each plumbed with a tee. Each goes thru separate macerator pumps to separate flexible holding tanks or straight out separate thru hulls. The head systems have anti-siphon valves mounted up high, which means pretty long runs of potentially stinky head hose. Good quality hose designed for the purpose helps. What with the deck and cockpit drains, there are many thru hulls despite having a single intake sea chest. Lots of hose and lots of holes any way you cut it. Consider composting heads.
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Thruhulls 1 year 5 months ago #2677

  • Desserts
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Just Desserts (#195 - ex Menehune) has a sea chest, so that single inlet through-hull serves everything - including both heads. Each head has its own outlet through-hull (plus Y-valve to holding tank). Sinks (both heads plus galley) are fresh water only and each sink has its own outlet through-hull. One holding tank (40 gal) serves both heads through Y-valves.

I eliminated most of the "sagging smelly hose" you referred to by using rigid household-style 1-1/2" PVC pipe, cut into lengths/shapes that can be fit into the spaces from heads to holding tank and joined with "Fernco"-style rubber couplings (only needed 1 under dinette seat and 1 behind sea chest) so pipe can be removed to clean as necessary (once in 4 years, so far). Only hose needed is about 18" lengths connecting pipe to Y-valves and to holding tank. Holding tank has 2 outlets - original one on top going to deck pump-out fitting and one added to bottom (not comfortable with that one...) going to macerator pump and its own overboard through-hull. Of course, all through-hulls have sea cocks.

So, total of one inlet and six outlet through-hulls.

Good luck with your project.
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Thruhulls 1 year 4 months ago #2684

Thank you! Lots to consider for sure!
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