8 years 3 months ago #1353 by John Cece
RUNERT FRIDGE (circa. 1997) – free to good home!

Following are available:

The main equipment pallet with the compressor, HX, receiver,
etc., including the new(ish) Dayton 3/4HP 12VDC motor. (Note - there is
evidence of oil on the base plate of the pallet, but I don't know if
this is recent or a long-term accumulation.) The suction and
discharge ports to the pallet have been closed off at their respective valves,
so that part of the system should be "dry".
- Two freezer holding plates that held the box at around 10 deg. > F.
- One refrigerator holding plate that held that box at around 34 > deg. F.
(All three plates are about 3" thick. They are all in good condition, no leaks of either Freon or eutectic. The fridge plate and one freezer plate have the expansion valves attached.)
- The pair of solenoid valves on a bracket
- Two thermostats (one for the fridge, one for the freezer, although I forgot to mark which is which.)
- The large white 12VDC control box (including controls to sense presence of oil pressure or 110VAC.)

About the only parts that did not "survive" removal are misc. pieces of copper tubing. But they probably would not have fit a different boat installation anyway.

Any or all of this is available free to anyone who will use it in his/her own boat. It is not free to someone who just wants it for commercial purposes. I would prefer it all go to one person who can then become the distributor of any parts excess to his/her needs. (With the surviving
covenant that they remain free to others.) I would also prefer that it be picked up. The various components weigh a ton and I would have trouble finding time to safely crate them for
shipping, plus shipping would be very expensive.

That's it! I hope someone can use it. It is well-made equipment, and
I'm sure would be extremely expensive to replace.

Frank Fitzpatrick (s/v MENEHUNE)

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8 years 3 months ago #1366 by C. William Eilers, Jr
Replied by C. William Eilers, Jr on topic Re:GRUNERT FRIDGE (CIRCA 1997) AVAILABLE FREE !!!
I am very interested in the Grunert parts. I live in Huntington and sail a 1984 Brewer 12.8. I can easily pick up the parts. Please call me 631-427-9437 or email me

Bill Eilers SV Blue Prince

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8 years 3 months ago #1367 by Frank Fitzpatrick
Replied by Frank Fitzpatrick on topic Re:GRUNERT FRIDGE (CIRCA 1997) AVAILABLE FREE !!!
Hi Bill,
Thanks for replying to the post.
I think at this point that you may have to negotiate with Alex. There was another post for other items and Alex spoke up first for those and for the Grunert parts. (You may find his information under the post for PUR parts and a Lofrans windlass if you want to contact him.)

Things are slowly calming down here (daughter's wedding yesterday) but I yet haven't had time to speak directly with Alex, so I don't have any further details about his interest right now. Sorry.
Hopefully I'll have time to get in touch with Alex Monday or Tuesday, and I'll give you a call so you know.

Thanks again.

Have fun -

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