Refrigeration, again

8 years 10 months ago #1178 by John Meskauskas
Refrigeration, again was created by John Meskauskas
Lew, I'm following up on our previous exchange on your NovaKool refrigeration. I contacted the nearest distributor and was shunted down several levels to someone who had no interest in selling that equipment. Who did you work with in getting your system?

My current R12 system does no cooling. I would like, if possible to use the present holdover plates. They worked well until the condenser leaked the refrigerant out. Can I keep the old plates with a new system?

Removing whatever remains of the old refrigerant seems like an expensive process. I've been advised by a marina buddy to just crack a service valve, make sure there is ventilation, and walk away from it for a while. Any thoughts?

Thanks. I appreciate your staying involved. You have some great experiences/knowledge.


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