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Lew, it was nice to meet you at the rendezvous. I would appreciate your thoughts re refrigeration. The boxes are configured with 1 cold plate in the frig and 2 in the freezer. I think there was initially a mechanical condenser because there were 3 pulleys on my Perkins. A 120 VAC 1/2horse air/water cooled condenser was installed in the 90s which uses either R12 or R22. This works very well, drawing about 12A when running. But it slowly leaks and I will eventually need to replace it. How would you do that, what products would you use, to what degree is this DIY?

Thanks ..

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The project can be all "do it your self". With that said here is what we have and it works great.
As you may know great strides have been made in 12 volt refrigeration. We currently have 2 NovaKool units with 3.5 amp compressor condensers that are air cooled. The compressor condenser units are directly behind the ladder in the forward companionway (hanging locker) which provides great access and ease of instillation.
So in my opinion pull out the holdover plates and associated plumbing and wiring. Re-insulate both boxes with 1.5 inches of foil backed foam board available at Home Depot. Then cover that with white fiberglass panels and seal corners with white duct tape. The panels are available at Home Depot also and use construction adhesive to attach it all. Then install your new evaporator plates 15"X 36 I believe. You can bend these around the mast, just use a towel so you don't scratch them. Then screw them in with the provided stand offs and long screws. Install your compressor skids in the hanging locker, making shelves and wood grating in the door panel to provide ventilation. All of this is available at Home Depot.
In order to purchase your NovaKool units you will need to find a vendor in your area and they should be around a $1000.00 each. Use NovaKool or Kools web site to find these.
Hook up your lines thermostat and 12V power and away you go.
Should take about 2 days of hard work but the reward is hard ice cream and cold beer.
These will take about 7 amps 50% of the time so you will need to provide that to them but that is another topic.

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