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13 years 1 month ago #612 by Jack Dexter
Hellow, All. Please bear with me. I'm new to this.

We've just purchased a Brewer 12.8. The previous owner had removed the inner forestay and sailed her as a sloop. Fortunately he preserved the stay and Harken Furler but the sail has been lost. We want to re-rig her as a cutter but I can't find the staysail demensions. Can anyone provide them?

Also, can anyone tell me if the staysail on the 12.8 is the same size as the Whitby 42?

Many thanks in advance.

Jack Dexter

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13 years 1 month ago #613 by Scott Lee
Replied by Scott Lee on topic Re:Staysail Dimensions
Congratulations on the new boat!

There was likely a variation in the details of how the boats were rigged to begin with. Also, 20 plus years of owner modifications may lead to different sail dimensions. You may want to ask your sail maker to measure it for you or send you a worksheet for taking the measurements yourself. With a long tape measure, all the measurements can be done from deck level. I could measure my staysail for you but mine was added aftermarket so I would not trust that mine was mounted in the same way yours is. Also, if I recall correctly, the mast is higher on the 12.8 than on the Whitby so the staysails probably do not match.

Joie de Vivre
Whitby 42 #88

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