Whitby 42 vs Brewer 42 Sails

3 years 3 months ago #3279 by Mac maclean
Will a set of Brewer 42 sails fit a Whitby 42?

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3 years 2 months ago #3280 by Jim phillips

Here you go, the short answer is "possibly"

Usually a ketch vs a sloop, albeit a cutter rigged sloop on some of the 12.8's.

Here is a great reference point, I have no aliance, nor get paid for any of these contacts.
Whitby 42 Sail Data at sailrite.com
Brewer 12.8 Sail Data at sailrite.com (ignore the illustration on the Brewer it's wrong, unless your is a ketch, the Brewers I have been on are sloops and cutters, same hull and I know there are some ketches?

Then pick the sails you want - need - have etc and build a spread sheet. One word of caution I have seen many sail custom cut for numerous reasons, got a deal on a new sail, wanted smaller size, raised the boom for a hard dodger, etc.

Lets look at the main as an example, you can see different boom effects on the foot.
Whitby 42 43 Luff 15 foot 45.04 leech
Brewer 12.8 43 Luff 18.3 foot 46.13 leech

Whitby 42 48.82 Luff 25 foot 45.95 leech
Brewer 12.8 50.91 Luff 29.85 foot 47.47 leech

So mast height and boom length make a difference.

The guys at Schurr Sails Pensacola made us a new main and mizzen for our Whitby 42, they have forgotten more about sail sizes and cuts than I will ever know. If you speak tell them they can share our measurements as they nailed it. schurrsails.com
Godspeed and all the best,
Jim and Lisa

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