Size of bolt rope

9 years 10 months ago #1723 by Paul Lambert
Hi Whitby Brewer group, I have just joined and this is my first post. I am hoping someone can help me out with some information about bolt rope size for my genoa. First, some background... My wife and daughter and I bought our 1976 Whitby 42 from Guatemala and after a year sailing the western Caribbean, and then another year across the pacific we can say we have been delighted with our boat. On our passage from the Cook Islands to Tonga the roller furler jammed in a stiffening wind with about 1/4 of the sail still out. While trying to manually roll the furler up at the bow, the wind tore the sail from my grasp and it rapidly unfurled and exploded into shreds - not surprising given the age and condition of the genoa. On arriving at Tonga we had to unexpectedly fly back to Australia and missed our weather window to get the boat back home before the cyclone season. We would like to return to the boat with a second-hand sail to get us back home where we can measure up for a nice new one. The trouble is, we don't know the bolt rope size. What we do know is that the roller furler is a profurl L31 (I'm fairly certain, from memory) which I guess is pretty well original equipment on this 1976 non bowsprit 42. Does anyone have any idea of the bolt rope diameter? Thank you for your ideas, Paul

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