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2 years 1 month ago - 2 years 1 month ago #2820 by Tony Lesak
chain plates was created by Tony Lesak
I realized at the get together that I will need to replace my chainplates as soon as possible.
We have pulled the boat and it is in storage now. I wonder if anyone can help

I am looking for the overall length of the chanplates, that someone may have recorded. ( I am hoping to order the plates and drill them in the spring )

thanx in advance
Tony on Chado ( lake Erie)
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2 years 4 weeks ago #2821 by Augusto Villalon
Replied by Augusto Villalon on topic chain plates
The best way too do it is to remove the old ones in order to copy them. The problem is that the holes may not match exactly. When I did mine, I copy them but on Stailess 316 instead of the 304 original and I increased the thickness to 3/8"
If you do not have the old plates, you still can swing a tape from de deck down and measure to 1.5" below thew bottom bolt. No big deal 316 stainless 3/8" X 2" X the length you get.
Marking the holes my be difficult, but it can be done with a Magic Marker.
Do not know the reason for you to change them but there were a few failures due to a bad batch of 304 steel.
Good Luck, Kiko Villalon

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